What goes in

Fish slices (less bone) – 800 gms
Salt – 1 tspn
Red chilly paste – 10 gms
Mustard powder – 5 gms
Lime juice – 15 ml
Sugar – 5 gms
Oil – 50 ml

Pulao (Rice)
Basmati rice – 500gms
Groundout oil – 100 ml
Whole garam masala – 5 gms
Onion chopped – 250 gms
Green chilly crushed – 10 gms
Garlic crushed – 10 gms
Cumin powder – 1 tspn
Salt – 10 gms
Pepper powder – 1/2 tspn
Corainder leaves chopped – 20 gms

How to prepare

1. Marinate fish in the given ingredients and shallow fry in oil until golden brown and remove.
2. Make a pulao with rice, 50 ml of oil and whole garam masala.
3. Heat remaining oil, fry onion to golden brown, then add crushed spices and other powdered spices. Add water if needed, to make a thick curry.
4. Place the fish in it and mix well, retaining the shape of fish.
5. Flake pulao and fill on top of fish and cook covered for 10 mts.
6.Remove and serve garnished with corainder leaves.

Accompaniment: Raita and prawn curry

Cooking time : 90mts

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