1. Workshop/demonstration on value added Catfish products

Location : Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh
Date: 30th & 31st, July 2007
Purposed : Designed to demonstrate hands on training in processing, packing presentation, quality control and marketing of value added Catfish products.
Organised By : Jointly by MPEDA and INFOFISH, Malaysia
Trainers/Experts : Trainers cum experts are selected by INFOFISH
Participants 35 Exporters
Outcome Almost 42 forms of value added products of Catfish demonstrated

2. Workshop on value added marine products

Location: Mahabalipuram, Chennai,Tamil Nadu.
Date : 17th February 2009
Purpose : To give insight to the latest developments in the Production and marketing of value added marine products.
Topic : Recent trends in ready- to -cook and ready- to -eat seafood market segments of Japan
Organized By: MPEDA
Experts / Speakers Experts from GLOBEFISH- FAO,Cumbrian Seafoods,UK, Global Knight Foodtech Inc,USA, JCT Company Ltd, pan,Multivac, France, Marel Food System,Singapore, Seafood Choices Alliance,UK and INFOFISH, Malaysia
Participants : Processors/ Exporters
Outcome : The workshop had 7 presentations on markets, production,packaging and consumer preferences of value added marine products organized in two technical sessions.