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Shrimp Cropping Pattern

Generally for tiger shrimp two crops are practiced in scientific farms viz .the dominant summer crop followed by a monsoon crop. In traditional farms stocking is done when salinity picks up after monsoon. In vannamei sector, the trend is now for year round culture with no distinct crop season

Sl.No. State Species Crop Stocking Period Harvesting Period
1 Kerala P monodon 1st January - March April -June
    P monodon 2nd October-Dec. March-April
L vannamei - Jan – Dec. Jan – Dec.
2 Karanataka P monodon 1st January-Feb May-June
    P monodon 2nd August-Sept Nov-Dec.
    L vannamei - Jan - Dec Jan - Dec
3 Maharashtra P monodon   Feb-March June/July-Aug
    P monodon 2nd Aug-Sept. January-Feb.
    L vannamei 1st Jan – Dec. Jan - Dec
4 Gujarat P monodon - Feb-March June-Aug
    L vannamei - Jan – Dec. Jan – Dec.
5 West Bengal P monodon 1st Jan – July (Traditional) April- Nov
P.monodon 1st Feb-April May-July
  P.monodon 2nd June-Aug Sept-Nov
L vannamei - April - July July - Oct
6 Odisha P monodon 1st Feb – April July – Sept
    P monodon 2nd July – Aug Oct – Nov
L vannamei - April - July July - Oct
7 Andhra Pradesh P monodon 1st Jan – March May – June
    P monodon 2nd July – August Sept – Nov
L vannamei - Jan – Dec. Jan – Dec.
8 Tamil Nadu P monodon 1st  March-April June – July
P monodon 2nd July-Aug Oct-Nov
L vannamei - Jan – Dec. Jan – Dec.