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1. Short title and commencement -

  • The Scheme may be called the Marine Products (Quality Marking) Scheme, 2010.
  • They shall come into force with effect from 1ST May 2010.

2. Definitions -

  • "Act" means the Marine Products Export Development Authority Act, 1972 (13 of 1972);
  • "Agreement" means Agreement to be executed between the MPEDA and the Owner of the seafood processing plant in the format as specified in the Schedule-I for granting permission to affix the Logo as per these Scheme;
  • "Approved processing plant" means a processing plant approved under this Scheme;
  • "Qualified technologist" means a person possessing the qualification and experience prescribed under this Scheme and who Authorised Officer is capable of supervising the production and quality control operations of the processing plant;
  • The MPEDA
  • "Authorised Officer" means an officer of the MPEDA authorised by the Chairman to discharge the functions under this Scheme;
  • "Exporter" means a person, a firm or a company who exports marine products;
  • "Guarantee" means guarantee in the format specified in Schedule-IIA for corporate companies, in the format as specified in Schedule-IIB for partnership firms and in the format as specified in Schedule-IIC for proprietary firms;
  • "Logo" means the registered quality mark of MPEDA;
  • "Notified Products" means items of marine products specified by the MPEDA like black tiger, for the time being & other items specified by MPEDA from time to time.
  • "packs" means unit packs of marine products mentioned in the certificate of approval conforming to the product specifications laid down by the MPEDA under this Scheme;

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