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South Africa

  • Member of BRICS (the Brazil- Russia- India- China- South Africa (BRICS) group of nations since December 2010).
  • South Africa has the largest economy in Africa, contributing nearly 25% to the total African GDP (27th biggest in the world)
  • Population-53286000 (2012).
  • Major ports- Johannesberg, Durban, port Elizabeth and cape town
  • Coastline length- 2798 km
  • EEZ - 1535538 km2


2013-2014, India’s total export of agricultural commodities to South Africa was of the order of US $ 310.35 million. India’s principal agricultural exports during this period were frozen shrimps and prawns, dried onion, rice, guar gum, ground nuts and caster oil.

During 2013, shrimps occupy the 2nd position among the total agricultural, forestry and fisheries products imports from India by South Africa.

During the same period, the agricultural import from South Africa was of the order of US$ 13.33 million.

India’s main items of import were fresh oranges, pears and grapefruit.

Exports of marine products to South Africa

India is effecting exports of seafood to 25 African nations. South Africa is the biggest African Market for Indian seafood.

Major items of exports - Frozen Shrimp followed by Frozen fish (Quantity wise and Value wise) Share of South Africa in the total seafood exports of the country – 1% (Quantity & Value)

Exports of marine products to South Africa

2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Q (MT) 5613 5242 7702 8307 8625
V (Rs. Crores) 135.67 142.16 207.61 191.25 314.59
$ (Million USD) 28.65 31.55 43.43 35.56 52.25

Fishery Profile

The fishing industry is an important sector of the South African economy, employing 28,000 people in the commercial sector, 60,000 people in related sectors, and contributing R2 billion (= £159.5 million) to the national economy on an annual basis. The industry is generally divided into five categories: demersal, pelagic, rock lobster, line fishery, and ‘other’ including the abalone and squid fisheries.

Import regulation

All products imported and locally manufactured must comply with the compulsory standards as enforced by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS). Some of the compulsory specifications prescribed by NRCS for various fishery products are as follows:

  • VC 8014 The manufacture, production, processing and treatment of canned fish, canned marine mollusks and canned crustaceans
  • VC 8015 The manufacture, production, processing or treatment of canned crustaceans
  • VC 8017 Frozen fish, frozen marine molluscs and frozen products derived there from 2003
  • VC 8019 The manufacture, production, processing and treatment of canned meat products 2004
  • VC 8020 Frozen rock lobster and frozen lobster products derived there from
  • VC 8031 Frozen shrimps (prawns), langoustines and crabs


China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state located in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country.

Population : over 1.26 billion(2014)

Major Ports : Dalian , Yingkou, Jinzhou, Quinhuangdao, Tianjin, Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao, Rizhao, Lianyungang, Nantong, Zhenjiang

Coastline : 14,500 km

Export of marine products to CHINA

  2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Q (MT) 144290 159147 84515 87777 75783
V (Rs. Crores) 1790.89 1977.81 1259.23 1444.86 1766.72
$ (Million USD) 379.70 440.10 263.30 269.47 293.12

Major item of export is frozen fish followed by dried items and frozen shrimps
China is the 2nd largest exporter of seafood and fourth largest importer of seafood of all types of the world. (2013).
China is the largest producer of Tilapia and other aquaculture products and importer of fishery products for reprocessing and export (2013)

India’s Imports from China

Boilers, machinery; electric machinery, sound equipment; organic chemicals; fertilizers; articles of iron or steel, etc.

India’s Exports to China for year 2012

Ores, slag and ash; cotton & yarn, fabric; copper and articles; precious stones; organic chemicals; plastic and articles; salt, sulfur, earth & stone; nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, etc.


Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south

Population: 127.6 million(2014)
Length of coast line : 29751 km
EEZ : 4050000 km
Major ports of Japan: Kobe. Tokyo, Osaka, Kawasaki Export of marine products to JAPAN

  2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Q (MT) 62690 70714 85800 76648 71484
V (Rs. Crores) 1289.58 1683.39 2140.67 1999.59 2463.83
$ (Million USD) 278.56 373.00 456.35 372.57 410.95

Major item of export is frozen shrimps followed by Fr.Squid and dried items Japan is the 15th largest exporter of seafood and second largest importer of seafood of all types of the world. (2013). Indias export to Japan : Petroleum, iron ore, gems and jewellery, marine products, oil meals, ferroalloys, iorganic/organic chemicals Indias import from Japan : machinery, transport equipment, iron ore & steel, electronic goods, organic chemicals, machine tools etc.

United States of America

Population : 318.9 million (2014)

Major Sea Ports : Los Angels/Long Beach,New York, Savannah,Ga., Settle, Norfolk,Va., Houston, Oakland,Calif, Charleston,S.C., Tacoma,Wash, Port Everglades,Fla.

Coastline (Atlantic coast, Gulf coast, Pacific coast and Artic coast) : 19900 Km

EEZ : 11,351,000 sq.km (4,383,000 sq. mi)

USA is the 6th largest seafood exporting country and single largest importer of seafood of all types of the world (2013). The exports and imports of USA during the year 2013 was to the tune of 6.0 billion $ and 19 billion $ respectively. USa is the world’s single largest market for canned tuna.

Export of marine products to USA

During 2013-14 USA was the 2nd largest market for Indian seafood products.

  2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Q (MT) 33444 50095 68354 92447 110880
V (Rs. Crores) 1012.52 1990.26 2977.53 4026.48 7744.67
$ (Million USD) 213.52 438.49 637.53 747.45 1286.04

MMajor item of export is frozen shrimps followed by Fr.Squid (both qty and value wise)

India's other items of exports to US

Cut and polished diamonds and jewelry, Pharmaceutical products, Machinery, Mineral Fuel oil, Organic Chemicals, Miscellaneous Textile articles, Woven apparel, Lac, Gums, resins, Articles of Iron and Steel, and Knitted apparel

US’s exports to India

Cut and polished diamonds and jewelry, Machinery, Electrical Machinery, Optical & Medical Instruments, Aircraft and parts, Mineral Fuel, oil, Organic Chemicals, Miscellaneous Chemical products, Exports of Plastic Products, Wood Pulp and Boards

European Union

Capital: Brussels

EEZ-25 million km2

Total coast line -66,000 km

Number of member countries-28


Major ports-Rotterdam, Hambureg, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Felixstowe, Le havre,

Trade of fish and fishery products.

Globally, EU is the largest trader of fish and fishery products. The total imports and exports of EU during 2013 was to the tune of 50.9 & 30.4 billion$ respectively and is expected to reach 54.5 and 32.2 billion$ during 2014 (Globe fish).

India’s exports of fish and fishery products to EU.

EU is at present the 3rd largest market for Indian seafood, contributing 20.24% of the total export earnings. During 2013-14 India exported 174686 MT marine products worth 1013.28 million $ to EU. Frozen shrimp is the major item of exports, in terms of value followed by frozen cephalopods.